Sony NEX

image of the Sony Alpha NEX-5T digital camera

Sony NEX-5T

16.1 megapixel, Compact System Camera, 3.13x Zoom

Released September 2013

$350-470 Dave's Pick

First Shots

image of the Sony Alpha NEX-6 digital camera

Sony NEX-6

16.1 megapixel, Compact System Camera, 3.13x Zoom

Squeezing into Sony's compact system camera lineup between the acclaimed NEX-7 and the NEX-5R, the NEX-6 stands on its own as a high-performing hybrid -- marrying exceptional speed and image quality with more consumer-friendly features and controls. And though the NEX-6's "Fast Hybrid AF" system lags somewhat behind higher-end DSLRs, it's nonetheless pretty fast and decisive in most situations. Lightweight and compact, sharp and fast, advanced and easy-to-use: What more could you want from a camera at such an affordable price?

Released November 2012

  Dave's Pick


image of the Sony Alpha NEX-7 digital camera

Sony NEX-7

24.3 megapixel, Compact System Camera, 3.06x Zoom

The top of the line Sony NEX-7 is a compact system camera that offers enthusiasts excellent control over camera settings, as well as a built-in high-resolution electronic viewfinder. The biggest news, though, is the 24.3 megapixel APS-C sensor that shoots at up to 10 frames/second with incredible image quality, plus Full HD video. The Sony NEX-7 is easily the best camera Sony's ever made.

Released November 2011

$498-1188 Dave's Pick



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